Tile Rescue Filling Glue

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Easily fix hollow tiles without the mess & hassle!

Can you hear some of your tiles when you walk around your home? Tile Rescue Filling Glue gives the perfect and easy solution for fixing hollow and loose tiles!
Do the repairs yourself without using messy cement. Simply inject to fill the gaps and your floors are ready in no time!
Save time and resources as you don't need to re-tile your entire floor or wall. Suitable for ceramic, porcelain, marble tiles, etc.


✔ No Need To Mix: Fill hollow and repair missing tiles all by yourself fast and easy. No mess or hassle!
✔ Easy to Use: Its beak opening design makes it easy to control the amount and easy to squeeze.
✔ Strong Adhesion: The glue is water-resistant and adheres stronger than using cement. Use the appropriate glue for hollow or falling tiles.
✔ No Harmful Substance: Made of water-based formula without any odor or toxic substance.
✔ Suitable for Thick and Heavy Tiled Walls or Floors: Repair tiles in bathrooms, kitchen floors, backsplash, etc. Can be used on wood, ceramics, porcelain, marble, or tiles.


  • Loose Tile Repair
  1. Make sure that the base surface and the tile to be bonded are clean, dry, and free of oil stains.
  2. Brush the glue on the back of the tile with the right amount of glue depending on the condition of the base surface and the construction thickness. (Generally brush 0.1 kg per square meter.)
  3. Press and apply even pressure after bonding for 24-48 hours.

  • Hollow Tiles Repair
  1. When repairing hollow tiles, directly inject the glue into the area. If the empty hole is bigger, the glue can be injected multiple times.
  2. Use natural ventilation to dry.


Net Content: 260 ml
Types: Hollow Type Repair Glue, Loose Type Repair Glue


1 x Tile Rescue Filling Glue 

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