Tac Amplifier

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Enhanced hearing like you've never experienced before. So discreet, no one will even know you're wearing it. 

This Tac Amplifier is ideal for any situation. Now, you can listen to lectures and sermons at a volume that's perfect for you. And when you're somewhere with a lot of background noise, this hearing aid is even better than normal hearing. 

Enjoy a tactical advantage in the field, or even watching TV at a comfortable volume for everyone. Turn Up for a big boost to help detect the slightest sound and turn down for just a slight boost to keep you on general alert. 


  1. Compact and Discreet Design
  2. Powerful and Easy to Use, adjustable volume boost
  3. Gives you a tactical advantage in the field 
  4. Helps you hear better in a noisy room
  5. Lets you enjoy TV at the right volume for everyone


  1. Standard Battery: 2 x AG3 or AG312 button cell (Included)
  2. Input noise: ≤40dB
  3. Frequency Range: 300-4000Hz
  4. Voltage: D.C. 1.5V
  5. Dimension:19mm x 26mm x 14mm

Package Include: 

1 x Tac Amplifier

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