StressAway™ Neck Hammock

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Instantly relieve & ease your neck pain in less than 10 minutes! A simple device that attaches to any door or any hook, introducing the all-new StressAway™ Neck HammockThe StressAway™ Neck Hammock is a patented cervical traction assistant that works by gently pulling the head away from the neck to stretch and decompress the spinal cord, which increases blood flow, oxygenates the surrounding muscles, decreases pain, and increases the mobility of the neck and shoulders.It provides a stretch option that effectively corrects neck posture, which greatly improves blood circulation, reduces stress levels, and relieving tension headaches!


Helps Relieve Pain
Helps reduce spinal compression and provide daily relief for neck and shoulder pain. The StressAway™ Neck Hammock works by lightly stretching your neck, helping to relieve neck and shoulder pain, reduce pressure on your spine, promote blood circulation, and stretch out your muscles. Ideal for people whose daily routine involves prolonged standing/sitting, bending, or uncomfortable body positions.

Effective & Convenient
The StressAway™ Neck Hammock takes only 10 minutes a day and is the easiest, most portable, one-size-fits-all solution for your back and neck troubles - perfect for athletes, long flights, business trips, long work days, and more!

Stronger & Safer
Equipped with four sturdy elastic cords and a reinforced safety band, for added safety and increased flexibility compared to other cervical traction hammocks. High-quality materials and superior stitching help ensure long-lasting durability and comfort.
Adjustable & Easy-to-Use
An adjustable hanging loop can be wrapped around almost any doorknob, railing, or coat hook. Adjustable straps allow you to easily adjust the hammock’s height, even while lying down.


  • Packing size: 20*22*6.4
  • Product size: 50*23 cm
  • Product material: polyester + leather
  • Product weight: 240 g 
  • Net weight: 155 g


  • StressAway™ Neck Hammock
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