MilkySkin™ Hand Repair Mask

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Keep hands baby-like soft and bright!

Don't leave the hands behind during skincare routines. Take care and keep them healthy with MilkySkin™ Hand Repair Mask.
Frequent handwashing and harsh cold weather can lead to dry skin, calluses, flakiness, itch, and cracksThis hand mask will deeply nourish and repair roughness, making them smooth, bright, and youthful-looking instantly! 
Being one of the most utilized parts of the body, it's important to keep hands moisturized daily. Bring spa treatment inside the household!


✔ Deep Moisturization: Made with goat's milk extract that hydrates the skin from deep within resulting in tender and soft hands.
✔ Rejuvenates & Repairs: Renews cuticles, exfoliates dead skin, & fights signs of aging like wrinkles and skin spots.
✔ Instantly Brightens: Niacinamide is an essential nutrient that improves skin health and removes dullness to brighten skin in just 7 days!
✔ Natural & Safe Ingredients: Has various plant extracts such as Centella, astragalus root, & mother chrysanthemum. Safe and suitable to use on all skin types.
✔ Simple to Use & Fast Results: Simply wear the 3D film mask like a glove and leave for about 15 minutes. Instantly feel the smoothness of the skin after using it!



Net content: 25ml / piece
Shelf Life: 3 years


1 or 3 pcs x Hand Repair Mask

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