MeltDown™ Cellulite Burning Spray

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Easily and quickly burn fats, accelerate metabolism, and weight loss process! Super effective slimming spray that delivers an all-natural way and results of losing weight, introducing the all-new MeltDown™ Cellulite Burning Spray.
Get in shape quickly and effectively, no need to take pills, supplements, and work out excessively, which may cause dizziness, anxiety, and bodily harm.
The MeltDown™ Cellulite Burning Spray relieves the loose skin due to weight gain and aging, & strengthens muscles, maintains the body’s best state, & promotes faster burning of subcutaneous fat tissue, resulting in a fit and healthy body! Getting rid of cellulite is just a spray away!


Burns fat and help remove cellulite 
Visibly reduce cellulite, stimulate faster burning of subcutaneous fat tissue, eliminates persistent cellulite, burn away unwanted fat cells, and works to prevent future fat accumulation and cellulite reoccurrence. 

Hydrates & Moisturize 
Relieves the loose skin due to weight gain and aging, & nourishes the skin to make it smooth and tender. 
Natural and Safe to Skin 
An all-natural way to lose weight and to maintain a healthy body weight. 

Various Application 
Spray design ensures an easy application on all body parts such as waist, legs, arms, abdomen, buttocks, and more. 


Apply on the areas to be treated (thighs, hips, waist, and arms) once a day for at least 4 weeks, spraying the product from about 10 cm distance for a few seconds. Massage until fully absorbed. Wash your hands carefully after application


  • Product size: 10.5*3cm
  • Weight: 50 g


  • MeltDown™ Cellulite Burning Spray
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