Instant Cooling Spray

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Our Instant Cooling Spray cools down your vehicle and clothes rapidly in hot summer. Feel the coolness immediately!

Effective cooling coefficient evaporates quickly when spraying, absorb heat in the air and surface of objects, achieve a rapid cooling effect. Keep you away from the heat and feels cool.

Just spray on your steering wheel, seat, and dashboard, then you'll never get burnt again. Stay cool throughout the whole summer without baking yourself in your own car. It also works on clothes to provide instant cooling effect!


  • Immediate cooling upon use
  • Long lasting cooling effect
  • Effective cooling coefficient cools up to 40°F

  • Cool down vehicles within 5 seconds
  • Can be used on vehicles, clothing, and furniture

Cooling spray for your clothes
1. Upon spraying, evaporative reaction triggers imeediate temperature reduction.
2. Cooling lasts 1-2hours
3. The power of L-menthol has you feeling cooler even as you perspire.
4. Menthol residue maintains cooling sensation


  • Dimension: 13cm x 3.5cm
  • Net: 100ml


  • 1X Instant Cooling Spray
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