Smart Eye Care Massager

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If you work on the computer for an extended period of time or do other detailed-demanding work, you probably find that your eyes get tired before the day is done. Relieve tired wıth the Smart Eye Care Massager to help increase blood circulation to the eye area and release muscle tension.

This Electric Eye Care Massager is a specially designed base on the human body‘s uneven outline and different point distribution. With an elastic headband, adjustable and comfortable to wear, one size fits most. This comfy mask is like a pillow for the area around your eyes with built-in abilities to help erase those dark circles caused by eye strain.


  • Improves blood circulation, eliminates eye strain and eye muscle tension
  • Prevent myopia or suspends turning into high myopia
  • Prevents or alleviates eye pouch, dark circles and wrinkle
  • Helps insomnia to relax nerves and fall asleep
  • Adjusting massage time, easy to control the massage periods, safe eye health care.
  • Aids in the relief of painful migraines and annoying eye strain



  • 1 x Eye Care Massager
  • 1 x User's Manual
  • 1 x Vision Test Card
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